Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000 [Top Pick For 2023]

Bluetooth speakers are in trend because of their portable and great features.Everyone are in need of a sound system either for their home party,birthday party or for a long drive and picnic to enjoy the endless music.

In this list we have talked about the best bluetooth speaker under 5000 that are available in the market but if you are on a little low budget or want to save some money you can even consider checking Bluetooth Speaker Under 3000.

So bluetooth speakers are a great invention for music lovers. Getting speakers within a budget with great features is a task.

Here is a guide for yourselves to select the bluetooth speaker with great features like charge withstanding hours,durability,portals available.

Bluetooth speakers are available in varied size and shape but its durability and power backup is the main feature to be considered if we are buying within a certain budget.

Bluetooth speakers available with high quality,solid build quality and bass quality are important for various purposes.While choosing speakers check with their size and shape and its portability.Waterproof and dustproof is one important feature to be noted since it comes in small size it can easily become dirt.

Let us see some good options for bluetooth speakers under 5000.

15 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in 2023

1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

Searching for speakers that thunder your space with music and light your party hit!!

Ultimate ears wonderboom comes with surprisingly loud sound with its pie size.It comes with the strand where you can hang it in your backpack and keep it inside your bag to enjoy music.

It is easy to use since it comes with a strand your cycling time can be enjoyable. You can wrap it around your cycle bar and hear music along.

Want to enjoy your bathing time.You got it comes waterproof.It floats inside water it can withstand in waterpool,falls in any water space.And that’s the best choice to make.

Excellent choice of bluetooth speaker because of its sound and waterproof quality practically.

The battery life is 10 hours of uninterrupted sound with crystal clear sound.You can have a party with friends,relieve stress for hours with this speaker.

It has the main feature of battery backup so the party is a hit in your place!!One such speaker gives you the best quality sound within your budget.


  • Ultimate ears wonderboom can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • It is a Waterproof device which can be connected to bluetooth.
  • It gives you the elegant sound frequency range between 80Hz to 20KHZ.
  • Power charge of 10 hours so you can carry it with you for a day
  • Speakers are efficient and made up of material easy to maintain and clean.
  • It has a dual speaker system which gets connected to another wonderboom to give you the high quality sound.


  • Bass sound overpower the frequencies

2. boAt Stone 1401

This bluetooth speaker comes with its own quality to fill your space and pocket Less!!

With great quality sound and frequencies it has its own control of sound within its premise.By giving the sound plausible to your ears.

This wireless speakers has valuable features and durability to get hold of these bluetooth speakers.

IT has a charge backup of 7 hours to spend your day with any uninterrupted power warning.

Want to jazz up your space connect this with wifi and have two bluetooth speakers enjoy the party like sound in your home.This dynamic sound quality won’t disappoint you

Spend some money on this bluetooth speaker and fill your space with music with its elefant portable style and color.


  • It has a dynamic and thumping sound of 30W
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery made of lithium at 2500mph.
  • It comes with a C type connectivity battery.
  • One can experience many auditory sounds by connecting it to bluetooth,AUX and USB.
  • Comes with strand for portability
  • Waterproof and splash proof in any water areas.
  • IPX5 resistance of waterproof
  • Indoor and outdoor equalizer to modify sounds according to the spaces.
  • Has built in mic 
  • Integrated controls for easy access.


  • Connectivity issue is there
  • Sound modifier works the same

3. Philips Audio BT3901B 

Find the best quality audio performance with this bluetooth speaker .This speaker fills up your spaces with good quality sound without any distortion .

One who wants to hear pleasant music can have this bluetooth speaker for their home and office spaces.

Best in bluetooth speaker with less budget.Get hands on this speaker and hit your party at home and terrace.Make use of its quality features which comes with many inbuilt options for you and connectivity controls.

You can connect with your smartphones to hear the endless option in music.


  • It has an anti clipping function for no distortion of sound
  • Built in microphone for hands free calling
  • Advanced audio performance with high features
  • Wireless connectivity with bluetooth 
  • Audio in speakers to enjoy music with other electronic devices.
  • Waterproof speaker and splash proof
  • Connects with all your smart devices used everywhere variedly.


  • Charge time and playtime is low compared to others.
  • Should increase the battery power
  • Size can be minimized

4. Zoook Rocker Torpedo

This bluetooth speaker is an added feature for any Game lovers it gives you the Live sound of the game played.Be in a place virtually with this live sound and enjoy your gaming plan experience.

Its bass sound quality is effective for game playing devices.Gamers will enjoy this bluetooth speaker quality and its advanced features with many options available.


  • Designed to rough and tough places
  • It gives you the power backup of 8 hours
  • Comes with shock proof
  • Speaker is made of fibre resin reinforced and solid aluminium
  • IPX5 for waterproof and splash proof
  • Two speakers with the sound quality of 25W RMS
  • So you will get 50W stereo sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands free calls


  • No proper battery backup

5. Anker SoundCore Sport : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

This bluetooth speaker comes with the best quality sound and durability.The sound of the speaker is good enough in all spaces around the area you use.IT gives you the songs for a full day if it is charged fully and properly.

Enjoy the music with high connectivity to all your smart devices and portal connected.It has buttons to navigate through your playlist.Any music lover likes this feature to change songs according to their likings.

Anker soundcore 2 seems to be unfamiliar but it comes with the best sound ,bass,frequency quality. Don’t think about only brands getting in touch with this speaker you wont get disappointed.


  • It give sound power of 12w with high advanced bass
  • High volume levels with dual neodymium drivers
  • Distortion free sound
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Waterproof and splash proof


  • High in price 
  • Distortion in sound
  • Low bass quality

6. JBL Flip 4 

Jbl is a name for speakers.All music lovers prefer jbl for their sound and durability.

JBL has an unique sound system which satisfies your needs within a budget.

One who wants a speaker for travelling can prefer this speaker with its salient features it provides.

JBL comes with all qualities you need to have in a speaker. Hands on speaker for all spaces and for travelling .


  • It has the best sound output of 10w
  • Bluetooth of iv4 it connects to all your smart devices
  • Speaker is distortion and noise cancellation feature
  • Playtime of 5 hours
  • Suitable for travelling
  • Built in mic for hands free calling
  • Flip design that has firmness 
  • State of the art microphone
  • NFC bluetooth pairing


  • Low playtime
  • Low backup charge

7. Creative Muvo Play 

Celebrate your college culturals by dance practices with this sound quality,bass quality bluetooth speaker.Suitable for high sound practices with crystal clear sound.

Powerful drivers and bass radiators give you the best quality sound and beat to your favourite music.You can use outdoors efficiently by connecting to your mobile phones.

Noise cancellation feature makes use of it in outdoor spaces.


  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Designed for outdoors
  • IPX7 waterproof and splash proof
  • Compact size to fit into any spaces available
  • Powerful sound quality
  • Loud audio l custom tunes dual micro drivers
  • Dual bass radiators gives smooth and clear sound
  • Connectivity option is more
  • With latest bluetooth connectivity it connects to google assistant and siri
  • In wired connectivity with standard 3.5 mm 


  • Better base can be provided
  • Can be of better quality,durability.

8. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Fill your work area and studio with this bluetooth speaker to hear uninterrupted sounds and music with a professionally toned mechanism.Can hear sound pleasant to your ears and work peacefully.

Get hands on this bluetooth speaker for a calm and relaxed sound producing device.Be it in office or any home spaces it fills with divinity through sound.It controls the volume which is the great feature.


  • Delivers sound output of 63.5mm 
  • Sound drivers and smart speaker
  • Texas sound processor for professional sound quality
  • Comes with the supported google assistant
  • Full support of hindi
  • Wireless stream lining
  • Controls the volume and track the stream


  • Can have sound quality best 
  • Integral port quality

9. Sony SRS-XB12 : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

Wanting to get a bluetooth speaker for personal use and with pleasant sound quality.You can opt for sony srs-xb12 bluetooth speaker for this quality.

Indoor quality of this frequency is high and gives you crystal clear sound quality.

It fills your spaces with wireless streaming and looks fine in design connects all your smart devices to reduce the work done by you.


  • Bluetooth enabled and compact design
  • Speaker with passive radiators
  • Low frequency with rich bass
  • Compact to carry around your bag
  • IP67 rating give you shower and accident spillage prevention
  • Speakers work in any dirty and dusty environment
  • 16 hours of battery playtime
  • Totally dustproof


  • Bit expensive

10. LG PK5

This multi bluetooth connector helps you to connect to all devices to enjoy the music with high quality sound.

LG XBOOM bluetooth speaker comes with features that can be sustainable and the device is durable enough to the price.

With its outstanding features it is preferable to all customers around.

The music lovers like its compact design to carry around and performance.with its multi connectivity can connect to two speakers to get the best quality sound.

LG is best for services and quality.Bass sound gives you the professional sound quality.


  • Meridian audio with high resolution
  • Control speaker through voice recognition
  • Outstanding bass
  • Low frequency sounds
  • IPX5 prevents under sprinklers
  • Multi bluetooth connection
  • Powerful battery
  • Playtime of 18 hours
  • Multi colour lighting


  • Multi connection hassle
  • Volume quality is bit low

11. iBall Musi Boom : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

This iball musi boom provides you the best sound quality of 15 watt each dual driver.It is designed with rubber bodies covered with plastic mesh.

It has its unique design look wise. It can be used under any environmental situations.iball musi boom is the best choice for outdoor because of its rugged design. It can withstand any rough surfaces.


  • Barrel shaped body with rubber strip covering
  • Five buttons on top edge
  • It can be rough usage 
  • Three different color variant
  • This speaker is IPX7
  • It can withstand in water till 1m depth
  • Splashproof and dustproof
  • Massive battery of 5000mah
  • 24 hours backup
  • Charging input with usb with provided cable and charger
  • Dual driver of 30 watt
  • True wireless technology
  • Crystal clear stereo sound
  • Bluetooth of v5.0
  • Built in microphone
  • Handsfree calls and meetings


  • This multi connection speaker does not have FM.
  • Virtual assistant support is not available.

12. boAt Aavante Bar

It has its uniqueness in features like design.It is box shaped with solid premium feature.To get a stereo effect it comes with the true wireless technology.

It has 30 Watt output and has the battery backup of 14 hours.IPX5 rated speaker and bluetooth connectivity version of v4.2.

boAt Aavante gives you the sound quality and durability you are expecting without any compromise on sound and build quality.


  • Box shaped design with wire mesh covered in the sides
  • Matte finish plastic top and houses the controls
  • Durable and solid speaker
  • Simple and classy speaker
  • IPX5 certified
  • Dustproof,waterproof,shockproof
  • Survive in water splash or accidental drops and bumps
  • Plastic flap at sides prevents from water
  • 4000mah battery
  • 14 hours of charge backup
  • Powerbank with usb port at the sides
  • Micro usb provided to charge for 4 hours.
  • 30w rated with front firing full range drivers
  • Powerful bass and detail tracks prevented
  • Crisp at high volumes
  • Audio quality is pleasant and enjoyable
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • No connectivity issues
  • Supports playback upto 10m
  • Aux port for supporting wired playback.
  • Onboard controls at the top
  • True wireless technology that allows pairing to a 3d stereo effect during playback


  • It comes with all necessary features with well rounded shape and high quality sound, control on top and build to buy under 5k

13. Tribit MaxSound Plus 

This speaker has its superior audio quality with its well rounded design and battery backup. It feels premium with its rugged look.Amazing bass performance under 5000 it is one of its kind. TOoexperience the premium sound quality go for this speaker.

TRibit maxsound is one of the best bluetooth speaker to be used in your home work areas to experience the calm and peaceful music.


  • Follows Tribit signature simple design
  • Classy and premium with its look
  • Pill shaped design
  • Fabric mesh covered front speaker
  • Matte black rubber material
  • Speaker is durable and construction is rugged
  • To increase portability it provides a blacl lanyard in the box which can be attached to the speaker.
  • IPX7 rated
  • It is completely dust proof,water resistant
  • Submerse in water upto 1m and highly shockproof
  • Plastic flap at side to prevent water to seeping in
  • 2200mah battery that plays upto 20 hours
  • Battery charging at back of the port with micro usb
  • 4 hours to take charge fully
  • Stellar battery life
  • Extended battery backup
  • Two 12w drivers and two 45mm passive radiators
  • Speaker is loud enough to cover medium sized room
  • Bass is deep and dimensional audio quality with crisp and clear highs
  • Even at high volumes bass is punchy doesn’t overpower frequencies
  • Xbass mode is on using a specialized button in onboard controls.
  • Onboard controls like play,pause,change,answer,reject and turn the bass on and off.


  • Lack of support for pairing two speakers
  • No stereo effect

14. Tribit StormBox : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

Tribit storm box comes in cylindrical design with 360 degree surround sound.It has also the water resistance feature.Punchy bass with best audio quality.

One wants to enjoy music fully around can choose this best budget bluetooth speaker.


  • It has an 360 degree sound design with rubber finish plastic
  • Fabric mesh covered around the speaker
  • Solid and looks premium
  • Easy to hold and grippy enough
  • Onboard controls comes with water proofing material
  • Either vertical or horizontal placement
  • IPX7 rated making it waterproof,dustproof and shockproof
  • Withstand accidental drops and water splashes
  • Ports are covered with plastic flap
  • 2600mah battery can keep running for 20 hours
  • 3 hours to charge fully provided micro usb port
  • Tribit storm box has two 12w 45mm dynamic drivers
  • Bass and crisp sound
  • 2 bass radiators either of the speaker that vibrates
  • Aesthetic appeal of the speakers.
  • Xbass mode switched on and off
  • Xbass button at the back of the speaker
  • Amplifies sound makes bass powerful and deep
  • Bluetooth v4.2 supports wired playback on mobile
  • Laptop through provided AUX port
  • Built in microphone
  • Wireless connection of 2 Tribit stormbox
  • 3d surround stereo effect
  • Onboard controls to control volumes


  • Way above price 
  • No drawbacks specified

15. Infinity Fuze 100 

Make use of this speaker with android and ios devices.True wireless stereo playback with best audio quality ,build quality of the fuze 700 coupled with support features.Infinity fuze gives the best in sound indoor and outdoor which satisfy your sound quality.


  • Well built plastic body 
  • Body is mostly covered in mesh
  • Onboard controls located at top 
  • Bass radiators placed at sides
  • Speaker is aesthetically classy and premium
  • Infinity gives strap for the speaker to make it portable
  • Fuze 700 comes with IPX7 rating
  • Dust proof,waterproof and shockproof
  • Usb port, micro usb port and aux port at the back of the speaker.
  • Covered with plastic flap to prevent water seeping in
  • 2600mah power of speaker for upto 10 hours
  • Speakers can be charged using micro usb
  • Speaker can be used as power bank 
  • Powerful bass and clear mid and highs
  • Two 10 w drivers deliver crisp sound
  • Bass radiators at the side amp uo
  • Fuze 700 comes with bluetooth v5.0
  • Wires playback support
  • Pair two fuze 700 for stereo effect during playback
  • Supports siri and google assistant
  • Inbuilt microphone to taking calls and voice commands


  • Battery backup despite the size may die out faster if it is used as a power bank.

16. JBL Flip 3 : Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

The flipIII allows multiple flip to connect for more blasting experience.If you want to blast your party with sounds you can buy this bluetooth speaker.few of these flip acts as a full fledged surround sound system to give you theatre effect at home.

Movie lovers and gaming buddies have this efficient bluetooth speaker in hand to experience the theatre effect and live gaming effect.


  • The jbl flip is true high quality speaker
  • Great build quality and sturdiness
  • Design has more compact and weighs around 450gms
  • Portable speaker better in size and carry lesser weight
  • Great battery life of about 10 hours on single charge
  • 3000mah is enough to handle the combined 16w power output
  • Shorter recharge times
  • Handle all mids,highs and vocals pretty well 
  • Bass quality with high trafficks
  • Enjoy true music rather than bloated and charred version
  • Best speaker under 5000
  • Undefeated mid bass range
  • Please lot of party heads as it does not distort at moderate volumes
  • 40mm audio drivers
  • 16w power output


  • Physical protection upgrade is not in this speaker
  • Ipx rated is not mentioned
  • Bass centric music is low but provides all mid and lows
  • Mid bass is fine but higher than or lower than produce cranky sounds
  • No crisp sound quality

17. Sony SRS-XB12 

Sony brand is with us from our early years .so the trust build by the brand is solid strong.One can rely on them in any devices they provide us.

This bluetooth speaker is one such device which comes with waterproof,dustproof and better audio quality. Why the wait if sony gives you the budget friendly speaker which holds your pocket with music.

If you want high sound with crisp and clear go for this bluetooth speaker. It fills your room with excellent sound music and you can enjoy without any distortion.


  • Extra bass bluetooth speaker
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Rustproof with good quality material and plastic used
  • Loud audio for calls
  • Speaker with mic facility
  • Enjoy your big beats on go travelling
  • Small and light design
  • Can add extra speaker for stereo effect
  • Passive radiator work with mono speaker to enhance low end tones
  • Bass boost despite the compact size
  • With an IP67 rating the speaker can survive accidental drop and bumps


  • High sound alert
  • Small size so handle with care

How to identify best in this list?

When a bluetooth speaker comes with any offers and pricing it is enough to satisfy the budget customers easily from others.But while choosing a bluetooth speaker one have to see many factors .In this list we have covered all these aspects to choose wisely for you.This list of bluetooth speakers are based on factors like

  • Audio drivers quality
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • True wireless stereo
  • Premium looks
  • Size
  • Charging other devices
  • NFC and new bluetooth support
  • Connect multiple sources
  • Pairing with other speakers
  • Built in microphone to make calls
  • Water and dustproof features
  • Animated lighting and effects
  • Voice assistant compatibility

Above lists not only covers these features it also includes many factors in price,performance ratio and features.

This is based in consumer based range usage.Each bluetooth speakers comes with its own quality and performance which excels in one department and something to offer high for low price.

When it comes to speaker first look out for the power backup it gives and the battery life.Brand performance for its durability and services.

Bluetooth speakers are both for personal and professional end.For personal use you can go for low frequency and medium level sounds within your closed space .Bass quality,noise cancellation are important inside your premises.

It should come with onboard controls to on an off option and with voice recognition to ease your task when you are busy in some other work.Enjoy the music with hassle free interface and multiple connectivity portal and smart devices makes your work easy.

Professionals like party holders,inside work areas and dance studios need multiple connected speakers for your in depth sound effect.

Check with the speaker and bass quality and with noise cancellation.

While going for multiple connected speakers take note of the crack and charred sounds.Speakers should provide you sounds clear even in low and mid highs.

For your home space go for low frequency and professionally curated sounds which should be pleasant to ears rather than loud sound effect.

Home space with wireless streamed bluetooth speakers look premium and classy.Enjoy the music with your friends and share your music choice to the friends with multiple connection features available.

Don’t go blind with the brand name.Many brands give you better options according to your needs in your space.

Think about the usage of the bluetooth speaker in your space and how much it is useful for you.Will it withstand power for longer travels and availability of power backup with usb portal has to be checked while getting bluetooth speakers.

Now bluetooth speakers are used in many areas while working,cooking or for watching movies on a laptop.It gives the music experience with high sound quality.

It becomes very difficult to choose one best bluetooth speaker as there are many available in markets.


With the evolution in music systems the music player to portable speaker its size got smaller and smaller.In olden days a music player system takes your home space drastically with all the wires rolled under and it needs some desk to fit into it.

Nowadays the bluetooth speaker updation the speaker can be carried to any space and can be placed inside your backpack.Speaker in your pocket !!

This is one of the main feature in bluetooth speaker for all the users to use it varidly.Portable bluetooth speakers are in trend.With the advent of bluetooth the wire is not necessary.

With bluetooth connectivity the speakers can be connected and can be carried to any spaces like indoor or outdoor.

Every party organiser or commuter and birthday party organiser is preferring bluetooth speakers with high durability and portability.

You want to dance or enjoy music among your friends this comes as handy to make them enjoy the music.Got in hands with the latest track with this bluetooth speaker.

For the budget freaks you can consider buying bluetooth speakers under 5000 as mentioned above and enjoy your music within your pocket which is pocket friendly too!!with superior build and audio quality.

It comes with the latest features like true wireless technology stereo.Best in bluetooth speakers are discussed but it is your time to choose the best according to the factors decided.

You know your requirements well and this list gives you the clear cut information about an ideal bluetooth speaker features hold for an efficient performance for longer duration.

The list above mentioned gives you the best bluetooth speaker under 5000 for both indoors and outdoors usage.


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