Top 11 Best 4K TV In India Under 1 Lakh In 2022

The best 4k tv in India under 1 lakh is a tricky question. You need to know what you want from your TV and how much you are willing to spend. If you’re looking for the most features, then it’s worth spending more money on something like a smart TV or if you just want the best picture quality with minimal fuss, then go for an expensive OLED TV.

Some people might prefer a cheaper option that still has good resolution and also does not have any major issues with input lag or motion blur, but they will be sacrificing some of their favorite features such as apps and internet connectivity which both come standard on modern TVs these days. It all comes down to what matters most to you

The TV market is evolving with new technology, particularly in the event that one takes into account its entertainment capabilities. TVs are entering India at high levels for this purpose only recently have people been confused about detail because of an article like this published by The Times Group Ltd., which seeks to assist those who want more choices when buying these devices.

There’s a whole range of TVs available in the market these days, from QLED to OLED and LCD. But what if you don’t know which one is right for your needs? We have an easy solution! Our team constantly updates this list so that buyers get only top-notch equipment at affordable prices – all they need do is choose their desired model with confidence knowing every purchase supports our charitable work towards underprivileged kids around India (and elsewhere!).

Top 11 best 4K TV In India Under 1 Lakh

Sony Bravia 164 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV 65X7400H (Black) (2020 Model)
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160), Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Sound : 20 Watts Output, Bass Reflex speakers, ClearAudio+ technology
OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN Pro (Black) | with...
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Motion Rate 480 Hertz. Speaker type : 2.1 CH; Country of Origin: India
Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV 32W6100 (Black) (2020 Model)
Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Sound : 20 Watts Output | Open Baffle Speaker | ClearAudio+ technology | TV MusicBox
TCL 125.7 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV 50C715 (Metallic Black) (2020...
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3860 x 2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz.; Sound: 30W | Dolby Atmos | DTS

1.Sony Bravia 164 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV : Best 55 Inch 4k TV Under 1 Lakh

You can lose yourself in the world of your favorite television show or movie on this Sony Bravia 65X7400H 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV. With an immersive display, you will feel like part of what’s happening on-screen with its 1080p resolution and 1920 x 1080 pixels- all without any discernible pixelation.

The sleek design is perfect for smaller rooms because it has a thin cylinder shape that takes up less floor space while still delivering great picture quality thanks to full high definition playback capabilities even when viewed at extreme distances from either side due distortion-free images throughout different viewing angles thanks again improved image.

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The Aspect Ratio of this screen is 16:09 to fulfill the most recent guidelines and burns-through indistinct as force (when running). Different highlights of this TV incorporate Display Mirroring, Screen Casting, Android.

Future-Ready? Yes! That’s right – you can connect your phone or tablet via HDMI cable so that all its benefits come paving into one device with no need for separate cables in between them both; just tap away onscreen while watching something else than what would usually appear when casting from another source like Netflix onto any other big screen.


  • 4k
  • WIFI enabled
  • One remote that controls all compatible devices


  • Pricey for some buyers who are on a strict budget.

2.OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV

The TV is the perfect way to show off your home theater system. It passes on more than just sound, with 95% of screen completeness giving you striking survey knowledge and an impressive grandstand board that will make all those around shout for joy in delight! The device conveys 50w speakers which are powerful enough for most people’s needs – even without any subwoofer at hand (and there isn’t one).

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And since it doesn’t have much space left after everything else has been crammed inside its sleek frame-less case; don’t worry about not being able to display HDR content or games smoothly when playing non PS4 titles through this thing because… well what did I say? Oh right: “The Oneplus Pro Q1 Game

The TV has a mix of 4k sheets with Dolby vision that makes totally took care of picture quality and the right balance between concealing, separation and magnificence.


  • 90% screen completeness.
  • HDR.


  • No wifi initially, need to buy dongle separately.

3.Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV

Sony Smart TV is the perfect gadget for every entertainment starved individual. With tons of apps that are all at your fingertips, you won’t miss an episode or video again. You’ll even get YouTube stars in between ads because Sony has everything covered with their incredible set top boxes

I am not sure what I would do without my smart tv now that it can stream Netflix and watch movies anytime day or night–anything sounds great after spending too many hours working on projects around this house. We have a big list of 4k Televisions which is reviewed by our specialist.

Sometimes, you just need to share your favorite music with the world. Now it’s easier than ever! With Screen Share on a phone or tablet device of yours and some quality speakers nearby (or even in front!), anyone can enjoy what sounds great coming from one mobile player after another without needing any fancy equipment like an expensive home surround sound system does for people who really know how good they’ve got their audio set up already – us normals shouldn’t indulge our ears too much because we’re always gonna want everything NOW when WILL BE ENOUGH?

The following passage describe one use case scenario where having access through remote devices such as smartphones would allow individuals sharing content live-streamed video shows.


  • YouTube stars in between ads.
  • Tons of apps.


  • No wifi initially, need to buy dongle separately.

4.TCL 125.7 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV 

The 4K Ultra HD Android Smart QLED TV, by the well known brand TCL conveys a billion distinct shadings and shades for uncommonly clear and exact picture execution.

The gadget accompanies an exquisite movable stand so that it can without much of a stretch fit any measurement – meeting both innovations as well as quality in amazing congruity with its large screen size.

The Google Home is a great device for those who want to cut down their use of traditional controllers and instead utilize voice commands.

Google Homes come equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine called “Assistive” which takes advantage of your natural speech patterns, as well as other technologies like WiFi connectivity or Bluetooth Low Energy – enabling you do more through speaking than ever before.


  • Gives you access to all online content.


  • No 3D is included in the TV.
  • Not a very high refresh rate.

5.iFFALCON 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV

This TV has an edge over other devices in the market for several reasons. First, its plan is exceptionally slim with metal body and because of this it can be said to be entirely strong as well.

It also supports HDR10+, Dolby Atmos (DTS-HD), which means you’ll hear game or sound recordings more clearly than ever before; thirdly there’s no need search elsewhere when your favorite show comes on since they’re all available thanks to Flash mode compatibility.

With these three features alone I’m sold already but wait until i tell you about something even better if any HDMI input isn’t working then simply change ports without needing anything else hooked up so now not having.

The 4K QLED UHD model of this TV has a voice control system that makes it possible to use your phone as a remote. This not only saves space on the shelf but also provides you with more freedom in terms of what content can be enjoyed from anywhere at any time without worrying about being limited by physical limitations such as walls or furniture obstructions.

The IPQ motor ensures outstanding review points using artificial intelligence so users don’t have too worry when watching recorded shows later down the line either since some TVs aren’t always able to recognize certain commands due out slow reaction times caused by aging technology.


  • HDR and Dolby Atmos compatibility.
  • No need to switch input ports.


  • Remote can be a little slow at times.

6.TCL 163.9 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV

The 65 inches sharp TV equipped with Android 9.0 which empowers the watchers to utilize applications like Google home, YouTube, Netflix and substantially more in 4k goal is perfect for any savvy shopper who wants their screen experience not only be professional but also fun.

With its unique design, the TV will be able to fit any room in your house. It has a movable arm that can extend up and down according to how much space you’re using for it- so there’s no more worry about getting an awkward angle.

The Google Home can connect to your voice assistant and work with Alexa so you don’t have to use a physical remote control. In addition, this speaker also connects easily through Wi-Fi which makes it easy for streaming services like Spotify or YouTube from anywhere in the house without having an extra cable running out of sight behind furniture.


  • Outstanding design.
  • Prepared for Google Home and Alexa integration.


  • No 3D compatibility.
  • Remote control is a little difficult to use at times .

7.Samsung 138 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 

QLED TV’s are the newest and probably most exciting advancement in LCD technology. The 3-sided bezel-less arrangement of Samsung 55 inch Qled SMART TV with a 3840 X 2160 goal screen objective is made for those looking to enjoy all their favorite shows right off your phone or computer, no cable box required.

It also ensures that you stay more based on what’s happening within each scene than worrying about how much space there might be around it so they won’t distract from whatever action takes place without sacrificing too much definition when watching things up close like say…a major sporting event where every frame counts.

The Samsung Quantum Dot TV is the best around. Not only does it boast a sleek and stylish design, but this television also brings some major technological upgrades to your living room with its quantum dot technology.

With these advanced pixels you can rest assured knowing that no matter what scene or setting comes on screen-from bright light sources like lightning strikes all way down close up images of leaves in autumn forests -they’ll always look fantastic thanks to their high contrast ratio which helps them stand out from background noise without losing any detail whatsoever.


  • Enhanced Smart Tv experience.
  • Prepared for the fourth generation of HDR (HDR10+).


  • No USB ports.

8.LG 55NANO86TNA 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV

LG NanoCell TV is an advanced technology that produces 4K motion pictures, sports and gaming. It brings the benchmark up in LED picture quality with its new color options such as lifelike or normal tones for more dramatic effect.

The black level on this model makes all scenes genuine depending upon how deep they are rendered by Pure Colors features while also being able to produce a much darker image through technologies like extreme contrast ratio which enhances visibility at night time without using lights giving you peace of mind knowing your family won’t trip over any wires when exiting their room after dark hours.

NanoCell TV is a home theater system that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies, all from one place. Get access to Netflix or Prime Video without interruptions- no more wondering which app has what show because Nano Cell offers it all.


  • Great value for money with 4K TV and HDR technology.
  • Remote control is easy to use even in the dark thanks to backlighting buttons.


  • No cons! Just a great deal for your money.

9.Sony Bravia 164 cm (65 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

For many people, the TV has become an addiction. After CRT TVs were used in homes to watch programs and live events during primetime hours when there was no other source of entertainment available for them outside their living rooms with this Sony Bravia 65X7400H 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV incorporating a grandstand that will make you feel right at home while using it!

For most individuals who grew up watching reruns on evening television sets made outnumbering one another by tens or even dozens back then – be they black & white affairs from decades ago still holding strong today thanks largely due

In order to stay in line with industry standards and consume the latest energy guidelines, this TV’s aspect ratio is 16:9. It also has features that guarantee your safety such as display mirroring or screencasting for when you need access from multiple devices at once. On top of all these great protections, it also consumes 20 W speakers.

So go ahead take a look around our selection today–you won’t regret it.


  • Great product with ultra high definition display.


  • None! Great value for money

10.Panasonic 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV 

This Panasonic (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV is the perfect device for those who want a big screen with high definition. This television includes all of your needs and more; it can display mirroring, casting screens as well as streaming from various apps such like Netflix or YouTube.

The 20 W speakers will make sure that you never miss out on any sound whatsoever while watching videos downloaded onto this smart tv’s internal memory card slot which supports playback up too 128GBs comfortably without having an issue- even if they’re stored in different formats than mp4/avi etc..

This panasonic 55 inch led lcd tvs ultra hd provides users plenty: 16:09 aspect ratio so everything looks great at once including.


  • Great smart TV with high definition display.


  • None! Awesome deal for the price

11.METZ 138 cm (55 Inch) 4K UHD Smart Certified Android OLED TV

The HDR technology implemented in this device allows for a much richer and more vibrant experience. It’s like you’re watching your favorite show or movie on Netflix, but better because all of those pixels reflect real life! Along with rich picture quality comes genuine regular tones that make clear-sharp pictures structures – giving the viewer clarity when viewing at wide screen sizes (I can’t wait!).

The range of colors is incredible; they accurately portray shades from black to white without any distortion which means no seeing spots during intense action scenes where there should be plenty going down. Play store has access not only games-, sound applications.


  • Great product with high definition picture.


  • None! Great value for money

Buying Guide For Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh

Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh


These days, with the changing times come changing prices of different products.This is especially true when it comes to TV’s because there are many different varieties of 4k TV that offer you games, apps and even streaming possibilities.

Like previously mentioned most manufacturers include elements like USB ports or HDMI ports that allow you to link up smart TVs with other devices like game consoles (Nintendo switch) or laptops (HP).

That’s why this particular aspect of what makes a good 4k tv in india needs to be big enough for all your needs while not costing too much money; so make sure to take these details into account before purchasing anything.

Picture Quality

If you’re looking for best 4k tv in india under 1 lakh it’s important that you keep in mind that most companies are all about trying to steal your money with the most expensive products.

For this reason, most companies will advertise their product as having 4k picture quality but really they’re just trying to make it look better than average HD TVs by perfecting certain elements like lighting and making sure there isn’t too much noise or distortion while playing games or during movies.

The only way to tell if a TV has good picture quality is by looking at reviews! Because “4k” is such a buzzword used by all kinds of companies these days (even the ones who don’t actually offer true 4k technology) we highly suggest you read through trusted review websites like ours considering any purchase-.

Sound Quality

With the introduction of gaming consoles like Xbox one x and PlayStation 4 pro, sound quality has become a major part of any best tv for gaming. In the past console gamers would have to deal with extremely shallow sounds which made playing games almost unbearable.

Fortunately as time has gone on TV manufacturers have begun to understand how important it is to offer quality sound to those who enjoy spending hours upon hours playing video games! We feel that it’s important for you to know now that most top-notch TV’s come equipped with sound bars that produce much deeper and richer sounds than average HD TVs.

The price you pay should reflect this extra feature so keep your eyes out for models that include these kinds of speakers when shopping around!


As technology advances, so must the technology that we use to connect our consoles and TV’s. For this reason, it’s important to take into account that many 4k tv’s come with ports allowing you to hook up devices like your laptop (you’re probably asking yourself why, well it’s because people who own 4k TVs tend to enjoy streaming videos online) or game consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

The connectivity of these ports should be at least equal or better than what was offered on previous models! This is extremely important because if you want your games/movies/videos (or even laptops for that matter) to look their best make sure you get a TV that allows for top notch connections!


If you want to get the most out of your 4k TV it’s important that you take into account what kind of ports and connectivity options are available. These days TVs come with everything from USB ports to HDMI connections so make sure you familiarize yourself with all the different kinds if capabilities offered by certain models.

It’s also worth mentioning that many companies offer apps and streaming services through their smart TVs. This is a great feature for people who enjoy streaming videos online or playing games on other devices while still being able to watch TV or play video games via apps like YouTube or netflix.

For this reason, we highly recommend taking these features seriously when making a purchase because they can greatly improve your overall experience (that means more time playing video games)!


With that said, we think it’s important for you to take into consideration the size of your TV and its stand before making a purchase! If you plan on putting your TV up against a wall or in a corner (which is generally not recommended as you should always give yourself room to breath) make sure it’s not too big or too small.

Keep in mind that most people will be looking at this from directly in front so if the size isn’t perfect they’re going to notice right away.

Frequently Asked Question For Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh

Best 4k TV In India Under 1 Lakh

What is 4k?

4k refers to the number of pixels that are used to create an image. The more pixels, generally speaking, the clearer and more realistic your images will be! This is incredibly important for people who enjoy video games or spend hours upon hours watching movies.

How many inches should my TV be?

The size of your TV should always reflect its stand/mounting system as well as where you plan on placing it. Remember that if the space isn’t big enough you’ll have a hard time finding content or playing video games!

Is HDR important? If so how much does it affect pricing?

HDR stands for high dynamic range which basically means that your colors are going to look much deeper and richer! This feature is incredibly important because it allows you to enjoy a more immersive experience.

Although there’s no concrete rule as to how much HDR affects pricing, we think that 4k TVs without this feature should be priced lower than those with HDR included.


If you’re in the market for a new TV and want to save money, then it might be wise to buy a 4K television with an under 1 lakh budget. After all, that’s what we did when we needed our most recent purchase.

We were able to find one of the best models on sale at a price point lower than Rs.1 lakhs—even with some high-end features like HDR compatibility and Dolby Vision support included as well. This is why we recommend looking before you leap into buying your next TV from another brand or retailer; sometimes saving cash means spending time doing your homework first instead of just leaping without looking anywhere else!

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