Top 10 Best 40 Inch Smart TV In India In 2022

I am going to tell you about the best 40 inch smart tv in India. I have been looking for a new TV and found this one after doing some research. It has a few features that make it stand out from other TVs on the market, so I think it is worth checking out.

The first is that it supports WiFi, which means there are no cords needed to connect your phone or tablet devices to enjoy streaming content from services like Netflix or Hulu Plus. You can also use Skype with friends and family who live far away by connecting through the TV’s built-in camera and microphone! One of my favorite things about this particular model is its sleek design – it looks great in any living room.

There are many aspects to consider when shopping for a TV, but how do you know what size display is right? If the answer isn’t clear just yet it may be time to check out our list of top 40-inch smart TVs. And don’t worry! We have compiled this information so that users can make an informed decision without having too much difficulty finding their perfect source of entertainment in today’s world.

The smart TV is the latest tech gadget that has taken over our homes. With an internet connection, they’re able to connect more than just your television set and play games or videos through various apps like Netflix for example.

Brands such as Sony Ericsson, Panasonic (The Company Behind All Your Favorite Gadgets), Samsung- mainly known because of its Galaxy phone line up–LG Chemicals LLC., Kevin Mclaughlin show off some incredible technology in this article about “the future” which will soon become reality

But there are others too 18% say their favorite brand isn’t one mentioned here but another company entirely.

Top 10 Best 40 Inch Smart TV In India In 2022

Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV KDL-43W6603 (Black) (2020 Model)
Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) | HDR; Sound : 20 Watts Output | Open Baffle Speaker | ClearAudio+ technology | TV MusicBox
LG 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50UM7290PTD (Ceramic BK + Dark Steel Silver)
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz; Sound : 20 Watts Output | Powerful Sound
Samsung The Serif Series 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA43LS01TAKXXL (Cloud White)...
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840X2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz; Sound : 40 Watts Output | Dolby Digital Plus | 4 Ch
Onida 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED Fire TV 32HIF1 (Black) (2021 Model) | Voice Remote with...
Resolution : HD Ready (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz; Sound: 20 W output | Dolby Digital Plus | DTS TruSurround

1. Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) 4K FHD Smart TV : 40 Inch Smart TV Sony

The picture quality of Sony Bravia is undoubtedly the best because it offers a high-level 4K HDR highlight. The broad scope of colors and increased contrasts that this TV brings about make it more desirable to viewers in India as well, compared with other brands who offer less colorful or dull images due to their lower-level highlights.

In addition, such features allow you to fill your screen without feeling any blurriness thanks its Motionflow XR technology which reduces motion artifacts seen onscreen during fast movements by upscaling pixels so they’re not too Vivid but still noticeable enough for gaming sessions!

The limited beam recurrence joined together with other wellbeing measurements makes this particular model much better than

The most impressive feature of this TV is the sound quality. It’s Dolby and ClearAudio+, which make your movies come to life with a brilliant audio experience that you can’t find on other TVs.

The bass-reflex speakers give us an even more genuine feel as if we were at home in our living room watching something from Netflix or YouTube videos being streamed right into ours–and all controlled remotely via one easy button press away by just pointing & clicking where ever I want too go next within these applications.

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The smart features are endless: there’ll be no need for another remote because it includes everything necessary already built

The working arrangement of the Android OS in this TV allows you to get limitless applications. Plus, Google Assistant is immediately accessible on this smart tv with a feature that Chromecast or screen mirroring through which can do hassle-free wirelessly transmit pictures and videos from mobile phone onto big screens as well as enjoy all your favorite shows at once without having bothersome cords running across room.

These amazing benefits make it one out those best 40″ Smart Tv Under your budget India has offerd right now.

The Xfinity X1 is the perfect choice for those who want a sleek design with narrow bezels, slim stand,s and hidden cables. Plus it has 3 HDMI ports alongside 2 USBs ones.

The best part about this product are that if you buy one from us then there’s an option of getting your money back within ten days should anything go wrong – no questions asked so rest easy knowing our TVs have been examined by experts before being put on sale here at Walmart stores nationwide.


  • 3 HDMI Ports + 2 USB Ports
  • Return policy in case of malfunctioning, ten days guaranteed money back guarantee!


  • Motionflow XR is the only thin

2. LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart TV : Best 40 inch smart tv in india under 30000

The best 43 inch smart TV in India is the LG 43UH620. This model has two differing sizes, one measuring 47 inches with Full HD resolution and another that’s only 38″. If you want to have an Ultra High Definition experience then this may be just what your looking for.

It also features 4K HDR dynamic range along side DTS Virtual X AI ThinQ innovation which can give better quality images than ever before on IPS screens– don’t miss out when they release their latest wares at stores near you soon.

The LG 49-inch smart TV provides access to google assistant and Alexa also! Sounds interesting? You just have ask, And the tv will satisfy your curiosity about watching shows as per your commands.

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It assures you can still enjoy high-quality images even when viewing angles change because of its wide viewing angle–perfect for those with 101% color accuracy requirements from all sides or those who want an immersive experience in black levels/bright whites during nighttime hours (which could help relieve pain due eye strain).

The television has a built-in sound system that allows you to watch movies and shows without any interruptions. You’ll be able to enjoy flawless audio with rich sounds coming from all angles, even if there are no speakers on your TV.

This model also comes equipped with an excellent smart WebOS which will access internet content for its users such as Hotstar or Netflix via their respective applications available through Google Play Store.”


  • IPS Screen with wide viewing angles to watch from any angle.
  • Built in sound system for those who don’t have a seperate speaker or sound bar.


  • No built in Chromecast as the previous variant

3. Samsung The Serif Series 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart TV

The Samsung Smart LED TV is the best in its class. With a 43-inch FHD display, this model of the company’s televisions stands out amongst other models at this price point and offers 7 features that are not usually found on competing TVs from brands like Sony or LG with an equivalent spec list.

It comes with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity so you can stream content wirelessly without any lag time when using apps such as Netflix or Amazon Instant Video right off your phone – among others available through Google Play Store. You’ll also find voice recognition built into some functions for more personalized interactions within menus too which makes navigation easier than ever before.

The Samsung MU6300 Smart LED TV is a great addition to your home theater system. It has HDR10, which also advances the colors in whatever you are watching on your mobile phone so that everything can be placed onto this screen with just one tap.

The best part about these TVs? They come equipped with Tizen OS and 1GB of storage space for all those personalized content options from OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – no need opening up individual apps anymore because they’ve been combined into one easy-to use interface right there at your fingertips thanks too their intuitive remote control device (which comes included).

With the latest 2020 version of Samsung’s smart TVs, you will get to enjoy a fantastic music experience and brilliant highlights like screen reflecting. This is made possible because this brand offers 4 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ones as well! The 40W speaker gives an amazing sound quality which can be quite unique for most other models available out there right now in India

This particular model also comes equipped with Live cast which enables viewers watch digitized content on their personal devices any time anywhere without being limited by location or network congestion.


  • HDR 10 pre-installed.
  • Sleek design with 1 USB port for fast data transfer to personal devices.


  • Sound clarity could have been bet

4. Onida 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Smart TV : Best 40 inch smart tv in india

The Onida Full HD Smart TV is the best one of this brand because it offers many advances, features, and innovations. For example its a Lucent Picture Engine that furnishes you with a rich-quality picture experience that has splendid tones and differentiation. You can also get too many apps such as Prime Video, Hotstar or Netflix on your smart tv just like Zee5 from the Sony Liv media channel for Indian entertainment lovers.

This television powered by Dolby sound & DTS TruSur confronts theater like sounds when needed so even if we watch our favourite movies in surround mode they will come alive before us through their 3 speakers at different angles(this includes 2 full range drivers & 1 woofer)

This best smart 40-inch television in India has speakers that are made for rich sound experience. It also features voice control like Alexa, which can help you flawlessly control your TV to manage applications and favorite shows from anywhere around the house on this big screen! The HDMI ports work well with Wifi or LAN too so there’s no need to worry about missing out when it comes time for streaming videos online.

You can view the TV from any angle because it has a wide point of view. It is equally clear and consistent at all moments, making for an amazing viewing experience no matter where you sit in your home or dorm room.

The Find My Favourite feature ensures that finding those shows we love isn’t hard; they’ll always be right there waiting for us when we need them – great idea Sony.


  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS Tru Surround.
  • Backlight control technology called Backlight Master Drive.
  • Good sound quality.


  • Not many apps available besides subscription channels.

5. Kodak 102 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Android TV

The Kodak Full HD Android TV is another model on the list of best 40 inch smart TVs in India. It has epic features like excellent speakers, display and connectivity for an ultimate user experience with its 3 HDMI ports that can support top box Blu Ray players or gaming console assistance as well.

You will also love 2 USB ports which allow users to connect their USB gadgets & hard drives easily without any hassle whatsoever; making sure you get rich picture quality – 1920 x 1080 pixels at least – by fetching out all possible tones from this device perfectly laid out before your eyes through perfect pixelization technology (YPbPr).

The sleek and smooth smart TV offers a multitude of features with its powerful Android 9.0 operating system, making it easy to use for those who are new or have never used an android device before.

With voice-powered Bluetooth that is thin enough not to be intrusive in your living space as well as Google Assistant, Prime Video YouTube access through Sony Liv portal all available from the comfort of home there really isn’t anything this Television can’t do except perhaps make you breakfast ;).

The 24W smart TV has an output that is fantastic. The sleek design and slim remote come with dedicated buttons for Google assistance, Prime Video streaming service, YouTube channel subscriptions or Sony LIV content at your fingertips.

If you buy this product today – it comes standard in ten-day replacement policy if there are any problems like defects or features not matching what was advertised online before purchase

The 75watts of power make the On Mode strong enough to last longer than most other models on the market right now- so don’t worry about compatibility issues when buying one because these TVs will work great just as long sought out by many people looking.


  • Large viewable display.
  • Good connectivity.


  • Not many apps available besides subscription channels.

6. Panasonic 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Smart LED TV

Panasonic is a well-known TV brand in India. They offer good picture quality and affordable rates, but they also know what Indian homes need for their customers because of this knowledge about the culture as it pertains to home appliances like TVs or refrigerators that are manufactured with each individual’s necessities at heart.

For example: if you buy an appliance from Panasonic one year after purchasing your 40″ smart tv set – do not worry about any sort of guarantee being voided by prolonging its lifespan beyond just 1 calendar yr since customer service will be happy enough to provide repair services free within 30 days from delivery date only

The Panasonic Full HD Smart LED TV is a great option for those who want to experience the best of what technology has to offer. This television features an elegant, full-HD display with wide viewing angles that make it easy enough even if you’re sitting at any edge in your living room or bedroom while watching TV.

You can enjoy streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video easily via HDMI ports on this device as well so there’s no need to worry about not being able to find something new to watch.

And let’s not forget all of its other fantastic qualities: 3200 lumens brightness levels makes dimmer times much more manageable regardless of how many lights are turned off throughout our house; two USB charging stations mean we won’t have trouble keeping devices topped.

The sound of this TV is crisp and clear with a 50/60Hz frequency. It has an amazing 16W output that will give you a theater-like experience when watching videos or photos in local playback mode, but also WiFi for connecting to internet services via your smartphone.


  • User-friendly interface.


  • A few apps may not load properly or just won’t work

7. Mi TV 4A 100 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Android TV

The Mi TV is the best 40 smart television in India because it has many unique features. It brings full HD quality with brilliant brightness, making videos look incredible; this combination makes for an amazing user experience that no other product can match.

Patchwall 3.0 allows access to Zee5 apps like Prime Video and Netflix as well as Hotstar so you don’t have to miss out on any content whatsoever – watch your favorite show whenever or wherever without needing another app.”

The TV comes with a single tick play, Mi Lanting Pro text style, new liveliness and many more features. With membership or one-time login you can get all the features on your display of TV – even those offered by Google.

It also brings an easy way to mirror anything from Spotify using Chromecast so that it appears right there in front of you without having any lag time whatsoever

There are no worries when it’s time for something fun because this device has everything covered including YouTube Live streaming which allows users access 24/7 365 days per year . So whether they’re looking up facts about space travel while sipping their morning coffee at home during breakfast television hours.

This 40 inch TV is the perfect companion for your home. Not only does it have an amazing Google Assistant that can give you recommendations on what to watch, but with its Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM combined with 8GB internal memory space there’s no limit as to how many apps or games are running at once.

You also get two dedicated speakers so even when watching videos in low light situations they still sound good enough without having any distortion like other TVs sometimes do because of poor quality speakers placed underneath them instead Maya gives off true clarity using 20W power output coupled by DTS HD Sound Modification technology which has become increasingly popular nowadays due mostly downmixing practices performed during mastering processes employing dynamic range compression.


  • Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM combined with 8GB internal memory space there’s no limit as to how many apps or games are running at once.


  • The remote control will not work every time it has a batter problem. Misleading Information.

8. OnePlus Y Series 108 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED Smart Android TV

The OnePlus Y Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV has an authentic cinematic color experience with 93% DCI-P3 and 83% NTSC for the 43-inch models. With its crisp, clear screen resolution of 720p you’ll be able to appreciate all your favorite programs in perfect detail – even if they’re not HD.

You won’t find many other sets that offer both picture brightness like this one does (upwards) as well as incredible colors; especially on those dark background shots where everything should stand out perfectly without any murkiness whatsoever making them impossible at nighttime viewing hours due to lack.

The best part of this powerful smart TV in India is that you can share photos from your phone directly to the screen with just one click. The 20W speakers are capable not only for rich sound quality but also immersive visuals, so it’s perfect if playing games on an HD display isn’t enough anymore!

The remote control provided makes interaction easier as well by allowing users to use their mobile devices instead. You’ll have access even when walking around or sleeping away from home – all via WiFi connection which requires minimal maintenance once set up properly (and there are multiple ways available).

The OxygenPlay feature of this TV comes equipped with top-of-the-line, high-quality content for family members and friends to enjoy. It also features an integrated calendar that will send reminders about favorite shows your way.


  • The remote control will not work every time it has a batter problem. Misleading Information.


  • The remote control provided makes interaction easier as well by allowing users to use their mobile devices instead

9. Hisense 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV

The Hisense 43″ 4K Ultra HD TV is the perfect addition to any home. This Android-powered device offers users access to Chromecast, Google Play Store for streaming applications alongside their favorite AI assistant – all in a sleek design that’s sure not only impress but entertain you as well! With its HDR capabilities and audio capabilities, this set covers every base when it comes down right enhancing your viewing experience altogether.

With a moderate screen size and an elegant design, this TV is perfect for your living room. It has 16GB internal memory that you can expand with an external hard drive or buy additional storage online thanks to its 3 HDMI ports and 2 USBs included on the device itself.

The Voice-Powered Controller lets you access Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies Prime Video Disney+ Hotstar as well as other features such as streaming services like Amazon Prime which offers thousands of more movies than traditional cable television providers do so it’s easy finding something great without having trouble figuring out where we should start watching our favorite films/TV shows from here.

Additionally Progressed HDR Innovation gives us pictures so stunning we’ll be blown away by how good things look every time.

The bezel-free design and ultra dimming feature of this TV will make it an excellent choice for gamers. It also provides brighter whites compared to other TVs, which makes colors more vibrant as well.

With some extra features like Picture Perfect Action Mode that helps reduce motion blur during action scenes in 4Kor HDR playback mode on Youtube videos – you’ll forget your looking at anything else but a screen when experiencing all these great benefits from Hisense 108 cm 4k Tv

The near bezeless format allows less obstruction while gaming with its fantastic “Game Modes”. Finally, pictures are so good they can cause one forgets what he/she’s viewing due poor quality displays.


  • The bezel-free design and ultra dimming feature of this TV will make it an excellent choice for gamers.


  • Quality Control Issues in Product Quality.

10. TCL 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV

The A+ Grade full HD display of TCL 4K Certified Android Smart LED TV makes it an ideal choice. The 1920 x 1080 pixels available in this smart tv are epic as they give you the best picture quality possible.

This product also comes with an IPQ motor for advanced shading field control, high-blueness accuracy control and four-dimensional scene improvement which will guarantee your viewing experience is enjoyable no matter what kind of content or show that interests you most.

The 40-inches is a perfect fit for your living room, thanks to its rich color and vibrant display. With Dolby sound enhancement built into this TV from the factory floor up, you can enjoy movies or shows in loud places with just about any kind of volume level that suits you–not too low so as not get annoying but also without having tunes popping out all over the place either.

The 40-inch Smart TV from Sony is the best in India and has Chromecast, which allows it to stream entertainment content. The 4K upscaling technology improves clarity and color detail for a more vivid viewing experience with improved levels of immersion than any other television out there.


  • Rich color and vibrant display.
  • Allows you to stream entertainment content.


  • Quality Control Issues in Product Quality.

Buying Guide for Best  40-Inch Smart TV in India

Best 40 Inch Smart TV

There is a wide range of smart TVs on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your needs. To help you find that perfect 40-inch size with all these features at an affordable price we’ve created this guide.

Ultra HD versus Full HD

If you can’t see the difference between Full HD and Ultra HD on a screen, take as much time for it that works best with your schedule. When we say “time,” think about how long each image takes to load before getting into closer detail in pictures or video clips so make sure this does not interfere with anything else during these viewing sessions either! If there’s one thing worth noting here: 4K HDR screens offer viewers sharper images because they include high dynamic range (HDR).

Working Framework

There are many people who want to have their Netflix and YouTube on the big screen. The downside is that most 40 inch TVs don’t come with a smart TV working framework, which makes them very inconvenient for watching these apps in your house without an internet connection or streaming device like Roku Streaming Stick+, FireTV stick + Chromecast .

For a 40-inch TV to be truly smart, it needs the right platform. All but the cheapest models will have these features nowadays and what you’re looking for in electronics are built with performance like Roku TVs or LG webOS while also being easy on your pocketbook – this means buying something that can last long enough without needing costly repairs down the line! If there’s not much info available about exactly where best place their bets when shopping around online then take note because we’ve got some tips below…

Inputs and Outputs

You don’t need to get up and switch HDMI ports when you have this great new TV. It has one port, but with all the connections available on your device it will save time in not needing multiple cords or wires attached everywhere at once.

Picture Engine

So, you’re shopping for a new 40-inch screen. What are your requirements? If it’s high resolution and perfect color reproduction with excellent contrast ratios then X Reality Pro Engine would be one of the best options available in India right now because this engine has been specifically designed to meet these demands.

The output should still sound professional but also engaging enough so that people want more information about what they found when browsing through all sorts on visual media engines.

Frequently Asked Question For Best 40 Inch Smart TV In India

Best 40 Inch Smart TV

Is a 40-inch TV suitable?

TVs are getting bigger and better. TVs these days come in every size, from 32 inches all the way up to 120 inch screens. If you’re looking for something that’s appropriate for your home theater setup – which most people do because they want their Big Screen Experience without taking up too much space on it- then I’ve got just what you need right here.

The 40″ class (non 4K) LED TV provides more than enough picture detail while still maintaining an immersive viewing experience with its wide screen panel technology meaning there isn’t any black bars when watching movies or playing games at 1080p resolution . Another great feature about this model is

Is the high dynamic range included on the 4K smart TV?

HDR video has given a more extensive, powerful luminance scope and standard design at the making level. It extends both difference in brightness/shading that can be obtained from one scene or object to another as well as shading across an entire clip so it’s far better able to show subtleties like reflections on water surfaces for example.

Are 4K TVs costly?

The cost of 4K TVs has become less. With the appearance of innovation, you can hope to discover incredible deals offering 4k televisions from leading brands at low prices.


best 40 inch smart tv in india is a wise purchase for those looking to upgrade their TV. Consider the size of your room and how much you plan on watching your new television before making a decision as this will affect what size option would be most suitable.

You can also find more information about these options on our blog, we recommend checking out our review page which has top-rated brands and models discussed so that you can make an informed buying decision. We strive to provide quality products at affordable prices with quick delivery times, shop today!

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