Top 10 Best 24 Inch Monitor India 2022 [Detailed Guide]

The best 24-inch monitor India is one of the most popular monitors on the market today. It offers a great viewing experience and comes with a variety of features that are perfect for any professional or home computer user. Read this blog post to learn more about these incredible screens.

Nowadays, most people work on computers in their day-to-day life. Computers are also used for entertainment purposes such as gaming and watching movies which is why buying a good monitor can be beneficial – if you want the large screen size will help reduce visual fatigue while keeping your eyes safe! So feel comfortable using whatever device it may be with an excellent super high-resolution display like 24″ LED Monitors

The key thing here though isn’t necessarily how many pixels make up each individual image; instead this article talks about what type of content consumers might view through these screens: either general web browsing or more intensive work involving graphic design software applications.

Top 10 Best 24 Inch Monitor India [Detailed Guide]

BenQ GW2480 24-inch (60.5 cm) Eye Care Monitor, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in, Headphone Ports...
Screen Size: 23.8 inch (60.4 cm) Full HD (1920 X 1080) Edge to Edge IPS Panel; Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m²
Samsung 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) LED Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, Super Slim AH-IPS Panel with...
Connectivity Port: 1 VGA Port, 1 HDMI Port; Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2
LG Ultragear 24 inch (60.96 cm) 144Hz, Native 1ms Full HD Gaming Monitor with Radeon Freesync - TN...
Gaming: 144Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Native Response time, AMD Freesync; Display: 24" (59.8 cm) Full HD Wide Angle (170/160) TN Panel Monitor, 300 nits Brightness
Lenovo 60.4 cm (23.8-inch) FHD Ultra Slim Near Edgeless IPS Monitor with 75Hz, 4ms, HDMI, VGA, AMD...
The incredible Full-HD clarity of this 23.8-inch display is well suited for binge-watching

1.BenQ GW2480 24 Inch Monitor : Best 24 inch monitor india under 10000

The BenQ brand is well known in the Indian market because it provides good quality products at an affordable price. The GW2480 monitor features IPS technology to make sure that color and image reproduction from any angle can be done correctly, with 178 degrees vertical viewing angles or horizontal 178° panning capability for multiple people watch content on one screen when they are situated around its room-sized dimensions – perfect for any home.

The BenQ brand is well known in the Indian market because it provides good quality products at an affordable price. The GW2480 monitor provides 178 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles, making sure that multiple people can view your screen from any angle while you’re working or playing on it.

The base of this monitor has a unique design to provide maximum stability and looks stylish in any modern decor. It features sleek bezels, which make the screen less obtrusive for your home or office décor while still being able to maintain visibility at night when you are working on computer work into dark areas with brightness intelligence technology that detects content immediately so there is no lag time.

The GW2480 monitors refresh rate is 60 Hz – preventing awkward moments during gaming sessions where movement may appear slow because all actions happen very quickly without having delays between keystrokes hitting our keyboard’s buttons.


  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 178 degrees horizontal or vertical


  • No VESA compatibility.

2.Samsung 24-Inch LED Monitor : Best 24 inch ips monitor india

The Samsung 24 inch monitor is perfect for any workspace. It features a clean, modern design with no distractions and an immersive view that’s easy on the eyes because of its IPS panel display.

The Samsung LED monitor has a refresh rate of 75Hz and it will provide you with an unparalleled viewing experience. The higher the Hz, the less time there is between frames while watching videos or playing games on this screen; so even if someone else uses your computer binge watch their latest TV series without any lag.

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The AMD Radeon FreeSync helps reduce image tearing and ensures to provide a smooth viewing experience in case of fast scenes. This LED monitor is ideal for gamers because it has more power than other models, giving you better graphic performance while gaming.

The Game Mode allows the screen size to adjust based on your settings so that everything fills up without any distortion or blurriness during intense playtime sessions with friends online across different platforms such as Xbox One/PlayStation 4

This monitor aims to reduce the strain on your eyes with its flicker-free technology and BlueLight Protector lens. It also has a tilt adjustment feature, so you can keep working for longer without feeling like your head is going back in forth all day.


  • 75 Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync


  • No VESA compatibility

3.LG UltraGear 24 Inch Gaming Monitor : Best 24 inch monitor india under 15000

This gaming monitor is a high-resolution, fast paced device that makes sure to give you the best experience possible. The refresh rate of 144Hz provides for smoother gameplay and reduces lag time so players can stay in sync with their game play as they compete against others around them on higher levels or just have more fun without interruption from any computerized errors!

The AMD Radeon FreeSync technology also works by eliminating screen tearing when using two different graphics cards at once which gives gamers everything needed without having another competing variable like fixed frame rates within an output range set up by manufacturers sometimes limiting how much performance improvement there will be depending upon individual hardware capabilities

The large 24-inch display offers a wider view to let you see the entire battlefield and play any game efficiently. The monitor helps gamers achieve victory in combat because of its excellent performance, while eliminating screen tearing or stuttering virtually with this versatile device for battle enthusiasts alike.

With this monitor, you can aim and shoot accurately in the dark with a fast rate of attack. The tilt, height adjustment as well as pivot are all possible so that your experience is comfortable for gaming no matter what type or angle it may be happening at.

This monitor comes with two HDMI ports, a display port, and a headphone jack for excellent connectivity. Some other gaming features included in this great looking 24-inch screen are black stabilizer on-screen control that can be customized to your liking or just leave it as is; crosshair when playing games like Call Of Duty which shows helpful information about where the enemy may appear from next – all these plus dynamic action sync make sure you’re always up-to date while playing.


  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate with AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • Compatible with different consoles 


  • VESA compatibility missing.

4. Lenovo FHD Ultra-Slim Monitor : Best 24 inch monitor india 2021

With amazing products like the Lenovo Full HD ultra-slim monitor, this brand is no stranger to success in India. With its stylish design and high-performance capabilities for any task you set before it; there’s nothing at all stopping them from taking over your desk with an edgeless screen.

The powerful monitor comes with a VESA mountable design to offer high flexibility and suit any application. This gamer-approved display has 178 degree viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical directions, so you can experience perfect gaming or watching videos without having to worry about annoying distortion from an angle! It also includes HDMI ports for ease of connectivity as well as audio inputs on either side if needed (VGA included).

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The monitor is designed to provide an enhanced viewing experience, with dual speakers and full HD display. It features a stable iron-grey stand that can go unnoticed in any home’s décor while keeping cables organized on your desk for clutter-free organization.

The powerful monitor provides an excellent view of high-quality images and videos thanks to its 1920 x 1080 resolution. The AMD FreeSync technology ensures interruption-free performance by eliminating screen tearing, so you can enjoy your content anytime without disruptions or distractions from laggy frames.


  • VESA compatible design


  • No AMD FreeSync technology.

5.LG Borderless 24-Inch LED Monitor

This is another product from the LG brand that comes with a Full HD display to provide accurate visibility from any angle. It’s equipped with an IPS panel for wide viewing angles and color calibration to show true colors in all directions – no matter where you are looking at it! The borderless screen, slim bezel design on four sides make this monitor perfect if visual experience matters most when purchasing one of these TVs/monitors

The graphics on this monitor are nothing short of amazing. The rich colors and fluid movement provide a high-quality gaming experience that you won’t find anywhere else, thanks to its two 5 watt speakers with bass! Why settle for anything less than perfection when there is so much right here? This AMD FreeSync technology will keep up without any lag or delay as well; perfect timing means victory over your opponents in every match.

The borderless monitor comes with a black stabilizer feature to offer better visibility in the dark. This enables you to attack your hiding opponents quickly and easily, without giving them time for an escape.

With this monitor’s sleek design that can be mounted on any wall or console surface – you’ll never have trouble finding room at home while working hard during weekends away from office

The new LG 27MP68Si-B is perfect if all other solutions are taken care of but one thing still remains: watching TV late into night when nothing else matters anymore



  • No height adjustment.

6.Acer Nitro FHD 24-Inch Monitor

The Acer Nitro 24 inch monitor is perfect for gamers looking to max out their game. This Full HD display has a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, which will provide you with an incredible gaming experience and AMD Radeon technology which enhances frame rate up by 20%. It also comes equipped with Flicker-less tech that eliminates any dimming effect during gameplay making it more comfortable on the eyes as well!

The new artillery of LCD screens come factory calibrated so there’s no need in doing any additional work yourself – just plug ‘n play convenience at its finest

The 24-inch monitor is a great option for those who want to save desk space and still enjoy the perks of an aesthetically pleasing screen. The zero-frame design offers you with more viewing angles than other similar products, saving your eyes from any strain during long work sessions or web browsing sessions!

This product also has three prongs on its stand which provide stability when placed against flat surfaces; this unique style saves room in one’s home decor as well since it can easily replace two traditional monitors without getting cluttered up by excess equipment taking up unnecessary floor tiles (or carpeting).

Working on this monitor for hours without any strain sounds amazing! The Radeon Free Sync technology eliminates broken frames at any framerate, which provides high fluidity and artifact-free performance to ensure you have an enjoyable gaming experience.


  • AMD FreeSync technology. 
  • Zero-frame design. 


  • Only one HDMI port.

7.LG 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

With a Full HD display, the LG 24 inch gaming monitor is an excellent choice for gamers. The screen offers fast response times and high accuracy to ensure that your game play experience won’t be marred by blur or ghosting when in action.

The gaming monitor is designed to be responsive and fluid. The AMD FreeSync technology enables you to enjoy the game without any interruption of gameplay, which will give your eyes a break from all that scrolling up/down on an endless loading screen.

Instead there’s smooth movement throughout each scene in-game so they stay focused longer while playing their favorite multiplayer or single-player mode – this way we can play more hours than ever before because no one wants their fun cut short by some laggy crapola (whatever).

“The gaming mouse is designed to provide an optimized, responsive experience with its Dynamic Action Sync feature. It reduces input lag for a fast-paced game and offers better visibility in dark conditions thanks to the black stabilizer.”

With this gaming monitor, you will have the advantage in dark scenes. It is also designed with a sleek V-shape stand that complements any décor and offers high performance for both work or play! This saves desk space so your office stay clean looking while being able to keep an eye on things better than ever before


  • Black stabilizer. 
  • Advanced gaming features like Dynamic Action Sync and Game Mode. 


  • Lacks USB ports or HDMI Ports.

8.MSI Optix G241-24 Inch Gaming Monitor

The 24 inch gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz and response time that is just 1ms makes it an ideal choice for most fast-paced game genres.

The powerful, high definition screen offers precise movements throughout gameplay to ensure you’re getting the best experience possible while playing your favorite games! This AMD Free Sync-enabled display also features Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode which allows users to keep multiple applications open onscreen simultaneously without any tearing or laggy performance

The Optix series of monitors is perfect for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience. The wide color gamut and deep blacks makes it easy on your eyes, while also providing artifact-free performance so you can focus all game long.

With a night vision mode that helps brighten up darker areas in order to see better when taking down enemies or avoiding obstacles at low light levels – this might just be one set worth checking out.

The MSI Optix 24-inch gaming monitor is the perfect choice for gamers looking to game all day. With an anti-flicker technology that reduces flicker, you can work on this screen without experiencing any eye fatigue or strain – in fact most people won’t even be able notice it!

The MSI boast a 178 degree viewing angle so you can watch TV from any direction. With its wall mountable design, this monitor is great for freeing up floor space and giving an enjoyable experience that will keep your guests coming back again.


  • Wide color gamut. 
  • AMD Free Sync. 


  • Not very versatile with connection options – only VGA and DVI available. No HDMI ports.

9.Acer IPS FHD 24 Inch LED Monitor

This is another 24 inch monitor from the Acer brand. This time, you get to choose between IPS technology that will give your family complete viewing angles no matter what angle they’re in front of it at or if they are sitting across from each other on either side.

The Full HD resolution provides sharper images with true colors rendering perfectly every pixel thanks to its zero-frame design which makes this screen perfect for any application where maximum visibility is required – whether gaming or watching videos alike.

And don’t forget about those 2watt speakers; when turned up loud enough during gameplay moments without sounding too tinny like some TV speakers tend do (especially if playing games such as Minecraft), these provide excellent sound quality while still letting out clear noises made by enemies throughout levels

With so many monitors on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best. This Acer product provides comfort and style with its elegant design that will keep your eyes healthy all day long!

You deserve an eye-friendly display monitor in every room of your home or office for efficient use of space while maintaining good optical conditions inside rooms without any glare from other sources outside these rooms coming through windows (especially during sunny days). The AOC deserves consideration because they’ve designed this wide range model even includes HEALTHY EYES modes like Flicker free+, Wide Lens Technology

The LED monitor offers stunning views from any angle that enables you to enjoy working on this powerful and versatile display. With Flicker-less technology, it eliminates screen flickering for a clear view in whatever position is best suited for work or leisure time.

The display of this monitor is designed to offer a better viewing experience by eliminating light reflection. The LED screen features 75Hz refresh rates, HDMI ports for ease in connectivity and VGA compatibility so you’re never left without what your computer needs.


  • High resolution. 
  • Flicker-less technology. 


  • Lacks USB ports. 

10.LG Full HD 24 Inch Monitor

The Full HD IPS display on this 24-inch monitor from the LG brand offers a clear view that is visible to all. The reduced response time means you’ll enjoy improved color reproduction, so your viewing experience will be more comfortable.

The color-calibrated design offers an actual view for efficient gaming and working. It’s equipped with flicker-safe technology to reduce the flicker, which can cause visual fatigue over extended periods of time; this feature enables you to work on your monitor throughout day comfortably without getting tired or frustrated because it doesn’t distract in any way like other monitors might when used continuously all day long (like some TVs).

The three borderless sides provide a wider look at whatever content is displayed while also allowing more light reflection than traditional borders do–especially good if one wants less eye strain from looking into bright screens such as LED-backlit displays

The AMD FreeSync technology offers a seamless and fluid gaming experience. This also helps eliminate screen tearing, stuttering issues while playing games or working on your computer without any lag time with its response time of 1ms that’s been specially designed to reduce blurring for enhanced gameplay.

So by using this monitor you can enjoy smooth performance as well as great image quality especially since they’re monitors built from high-quality materials such as quantum dot enhancement panels which deliver bright colors in contrast against deep blacks.

The Dynamic Action Sync minimizes lagging and allows you to catch every single moment in real-time. This makes it possible for players see their enemies with the help of a black stabilizer feature, as well as an on screen control system that enables them to customize how they navigate through gameplay by just clicking some buttons.


  • Reduced response time. 
  • Fluid and seamless gameplay. 
  • AMD Free Sync technology.


  • Lacks a USB port.

Buying Guide for Best 24 inch Monitor India

Best 24 Inch Monitor India

Before going into purchase mode, it’s important to note that 24-inch monitors are ideal for those who want a good viewing experience from different angles.

They’re perfect for either workstations or for gaming because they provide a great image quality, which is why it’s no surprise this monitor type has become one of the most sought-after.

In order to make sure you get the best product in this category, here are factors you’ll want to consider before making any final decision:

Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate can help gamers enjoy a more fluid experience without getting frustrated with lags and stutters while playing their game of choice on their PC. So if someone is on the lookout for something new this year, they’d be better off getting one with a high refresh rate.


It’s normal for anyone to have a limited budget, but it’s also possible to get a product which is worth its price tag without going overboard.

There are great deals out there on both new and older models if one knows where to look, so they should always do their research before spending any money on a new monitor just because they can afford a certain number that looks good online or in the store.


Build quality and design play an important part in how well-performing the product will be; this is even more important when it comes to gaming gear because players want something durable with good protection against screen damage (since they’re not protecting laptop displays). So make sure you read reviews left by buyers about how these particular monitors hold up over time.


So there are some 24-inch models that come with more connectivity options than others, which is why one should understand how they’re going to connect the display; some users only want the basic HDMI/DVI gaming experience while others rely on multiple connections for their console or PC setup.

So always check the ports section of any review you read before making a purchase. One can refer to this list of best 1440p monitors under 15000.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best 24-inch Monitor India

Best 24 Inch Monitor India

What is the best 24 inch monitor india?

The Acer XG270HU has become one of the most popular monitors out there thanks to its high-quality gaming features. It’s the upgraded version of the original R240HY model, which offers a more fluid and lag-free experience thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate that delivers detailed images without any screen tearing or ghosting effects.

This monitor also comes with an OSD controller that allows gamers access to multiple menu options for ease of navigation; this is especially important because it means they won’t have to reach over their keyboard to adjust settings.

What are some 24 inch monitor india benefits?

Since these types of monitors have better pixel densities than their smaller counterparts, it means users are treated with crisp image clarity regardless of their viewing angle.

Furthermore, these screens offer a whole lot of screen real estate regardless of one’s viewing distance, which is why using two side-by-side can be quite impressive for tasks like image editing and video editing where users need to see different things on the same display. So thanks to their increased pixel density, these monitors offer an overall great experience whether it’s for work or play.

What is the best samsung 24 inch monitor india?

One of Samsung’s most popular products in this category is the C24FG73FQNXZA because it offers gamers an affordable 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time which promises no ghosting or motion blur effects during gameplay.

It comes with all the bells  and whistles gamers would want in a monitor, including the AMD FreeSync technology that makes it compatible with most modern GPUs. For connectivity purposes, this monitor comes with 2 x HDMI, 1 x Display Port and 1 x VGA ports for all of your devices.


So 24-inch monitors won’t come cheap, but they’re among the most popular choices for gamers and normal users alike because of their great value/price ratio. So if someone’s looking to buy one, make sure you consider all these factors before deciding which model will best suit their needs (and budget). For more product reviews like this article visit our website at 

They also offer an ergonomic stand that maximizes user comfort by allowing them to tilt or swivel it as well as adjust height/pivot settings so they can find the perfect alignment no matter how much desk space is available.

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