Wooden Mask

Kushmandi Wooden Mask
The masks of Kushmandi have evolved to cater to the Gomira dance among the Rajbangshi community of Dinajpur. The masks are used by the villages either during the dance performance or as an offering to the village deity in order to usher good forces and fend for the evil.

Kushmandi masks have lately become a collectors’ item which has motivated the artisans to make decorative and utility items apart from traditional dance masks. More than 150 craft persons comprise the cluster. Diversification into bamboo works is also observed.
  • Poor Road & Railway facilities
  • Inappropriate marketing strategy
  • High cost of packaging material


  • Non consistent availability of timber
  • Cracking of masks during transportation
  • Huge wastage


  • Technology orientation workshop is envisaged soon
  • Details on better packaging method is underway
  • CSIR-CMERI to examine and design scooping tool to avoid wastage

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