Panchmura Cluster, Bankura
History of use of terracotta (fired bricks) dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The use of terracotta in Bengal began during the Malla dynasty during the latter half of the 7th century AD at Panchmura, whence it evolved as a form of traditional craft. Bankura terracotta are now famed worldwide for their exquisite artistry and quality and comprise of various figurines and idols.

Panchmura harbours more than 250 artisans as part of the Rural Craft Hub.
  • Use of inefficient kiln that emits high smoke
  • Design defect in an existing hi-tech kiln
  • Use of traditional fuels
  • Non-interest in adoption of technology


  • Cracking of items that are of larger size
  • Furnace size and design not optimum
  • Need of scientifically designed kiln furniture
  • Automated monitoring of temperature


  • Technology orientation workshop envisaged soon particularly with respect to clean energy
  • CSIR-CGCRI to examine the furnaces and develop more scientifically designed ones

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