Details of South 24 Parganas District

Area :   9,955 sq. km.
Population :   6,909,015
Location/Route :   Kasba Industrial Estate behind 'RUBY GENERAL HOSPITAL' at Eastern Metropolitan Bye Pass.
      Available Bus Route : S/1, S/24, MS/37, C/3, C/12, C/1, S/12, GL/3, 18C/ Mini Bus (Howrah- Anandapur)
      Nearest railway station   : Ballygaunge.
No. of Panchayet Samities/Blocks :   29
No. of  Municipality :   7
No. of Bank Branches :   (a) Commercial – 166

(b) Rural Bank  - 63

(c) Co-op. Bank– 3

(d) A.R. D.B.- 9
Concerned DIC :  

District Industries Centre, South 24 Parganas

MS Building (2nd floor), Kasba Industrial Estate,

Phase-III, Kolkata – 700 107.

Phone : (STD-033) 2442-6645/9874

Resources :   Agricultural : - Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Oil seeds , pulses, fruits, jute. Animal Resources :.Fisheries, Poultry.
Infrastructure :   The district has substantial forest resources in the Sunderban area. The road communication is well developed alongside the railway network. The proximity of the district with Kolkata city and the construction of The Eastern Metropolitan Bye-Pass directly linking the district with the heart of Kolkata have tremendously improved the communication facility. There is one Indistrial Estate at Baruipur and also a Special Economic Zone in the district at Falta
Type of Existing Industries :   Food products, Beverages, Tobacco products, Wool, Silk & Synthetic Fibre textiles, Jute,  Hemp & Mesta Textiles, Hosiery & Garments, Wood products, Paper products and printing, Leather products, Rubber and Plastic products, Chemical products, , Metal products, Machinery & Parts except Electrical.
Scope :   Engineering and allied industries, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Jute based industries, Haldia Downstream Project (plastic processing) , Oil Seed crushing, Boat making , Food Processing etc.
Speciality :   This district is adjacent to Kolkata and has a special orientation on account of its proximity to the Sunderban delta.
Potential Places :   Baruipur, Falta, Canning, Sonarpur, Garia, Joka, Budge Budge, Diamond Harbour etc.
Technology Providers
  • TERAFIL drinking water filter
CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology(IMMT)
Hydro & Electrometallurgy Department, Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisa 751013
Website :
  • Low cost sanitary ware
CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute
196 Raja S C Mullick Road, Kolkata-700032 (INDIA)
Website :
  • Grain moisture meter
CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organization(CSIO)
Sector 30C, Chandigarh, 160030
Website :
  • Wood substitute building material
CSIR-Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI)
Saket Nagar, Habib Ganj, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462026
Website :
  • Instant house for disaster victims
CSIR-Central Building Research Institute(CBRI)
Website :
  • Energy efficient multi-fuel and biomass cook stoves
CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology(IMMT)
Hydro & Electrometallurgy Department, Acharya Vihar, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 751013
Website :
  • Ceramic membrane technology for removal of arsenic and iron from ground water
CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI)
196, Raja S. C. Mullick Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032
Website :

Contact Person:  GM DIC

Contact Address:  Ms Buildings (2nd floor), Kasba Industrial Estate, Phase-III, Kolkata-700107

Telephone no:  STD-033-2442-6645/9874

Email Id: