International Collaboration @ MSME TFC

The Technology Facilitation Centre endeavours to source technological solutions for the state’s MSME sector beyond our national boundaries. In this regard, it envisages developing a vibrant international collaborative mileau to energize our innovation ecosystem.

Linkages are being established with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce for porting German technologies/knowledgebase for the small scale sector.

Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) was incorporated in 1956. Today, we are with over 6700 members the largest Chamber of Commerce in India. We have built up a strong local presence with our head-office in Mumbai, branch offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune and a liaison office in Düsseldorf (Germany). As the primary contact for Indian and German companies who want to start doing business with the respective other country, we enhance the bilateral economic relations between India and Germany.

One of the areas where IGCC proposes to be of specific assistance to the Small- and Mid-sized enterprises in West Bengal is the SES – Senior Experten Service. SES is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation, a non-profit-making organisation.

Since 1983, the Senior Experten Service has been helping small and medium- sized companies to help themselves, aided by Senior Experts. These are specialists who, having completed their active professional lives, joined SES to pass on their knowledge on a voluntary basis. The areas of SES Experts include for example:
  • Assistance in installation, operation and maintenance of machinery
  • Assistance in error identification
  • Improvement of product quality
  • Introduction of new manufacturing processes
  • Plant organisation
  • Training of personnel in quality control and many more…

Indian SMEs can request for the assistance of a Senior Expert by contacting us and giving us their specific requirements. While focusing on small and medium sized companies, SES support may also be available to public institutions, authorities and vocational training institutions.

In West Bengal, IGCC has its office in Kolkata and can be contacted at:

Indo-German Chamber of Commerce
3A, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata 700 019
Tel: 91-(0)33-22837962/ 22802236/ 22837970 Fax: 91-(0)33-22837963