Bioplates and Leaf Cup Making Machine

Leaf Cup Making Machine is a device used to make cups and plates with leaves of certain trees such as dried banana leaves, Areca leaf sheath or dried Butea Frondoza leaves.

Leaf cups and plates making are an age old profession in Indian villages. They are traditionally handmade products. With the advent of newer and advanced technology in present days this laborious craft can be transformed into an easy process through machining. CSIR-Central Food Technology Research Institute has introduced an advanced technology of easing the manufacturing operation and producing containers in elegant shapes and sizes. Cups and plates made with the help of this machine have good dimensional stability besides being inexpensive, hygienic and biodegradable.

The plant leaves are cleaned, dipped in water and dried. The leaf is placed on the lower die pattern, which is pressed down and released after a few seconds. The folding, trimming and shaping are done in a single operation through the machine by pressing of the pedal.

This machine helps to prepare stronger, elegant and uniform cups and plates of different sizes from leaves and paper at a rate much faster than the conventional method of leaf-cup making. In case of flimsy leaves, another layer of leaf, paper or polythene may be used for reinforcement the method which is quite simple. No adhesives are required to make the final product.
The machine consists of the following main parts: The body frame, upper die assembly, lower die assembly and base plate activator

The dry leaves are washed and softened by soaking in water for 10 to 30 minutes and again dried until they become pliable. The correct point of dryness is reached when the leaf does not crack and can be folded to 180 degrees, across the grain. All parts of the leaf, more than 3 mm thick are cut off. The energy regulator is set to maintain the main die temperature at about 150 Degree Celsius.

This is very simple operation as upper die goes into lower die assembly through pressing the pedal by foot. After few seconds, pedal is withdrawn thus both dies go to their real position. Finishing of the product is done by just trimming the edges of the manufactured products.

  • The products manufactured are germ free due to use of excessive heat
  • Products are uniform in size due to die assembly.
  • An operator can manufacture around 250 to 300 cups/dishes per hour from thin leaves or their combinations and about 100 cups/dishes from thicker material.
  • This mechanism can be used in rural sectors for the rural peoples' livelihood
  • Ladies can operate this machine easily.
  • Machine is foot operated
    One person operates one machine
    Die can be heated by domestic current (220 volts) or By Kerosene oil blow lamp.
  • The products are leak proof, elegant and low cost,
  • Leaf cups are popular with the Indian hawkers also.


  • APPLICATION: For production of cups & plates from plant leaves
  • COMMERCIALISATION: A large number of units working in rural areas
  • EQUIPMENT: Leaf cup machine (available from CSIR licensees)
        Dried Banana leaves
        Dried Bauhinia Vahili leaves (Hindi: Kachnar)
        Areca leaf sheath
        Dried Butea Frondoza leaves (Hindi: Palash)
  • TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER: CSIR- Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore
  • TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERRED: This technology has already been transferred to AMI Engineering, Patna

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