Temple Waste Management

Worship is an integral part of human life and floral offerings are an integral part of worship. Enormous quantities of flowers are used for worship in West Bengal every day, not to mention other decorative uses of flowers. Unfortunately, when the flowers dry or decay, disposal of these once-beautiful offerings become a sore issue. These are now considered waste material and thus, dumped in landfills etc. The matter is now attracting the attention of the media as a recent newspaper report proves.
However, these waste flowers have an enormous, and largely unexploited, potential of being turned into wealth using existing, simple and inexpensive technologies.

Waste Flower Management
Here are a few technologies available that can solve the problem of waste flower and help you to augment your existing enterprise or start a new one.

Technologies Available
Technology Provider
1 Technology for utilization of waste Incense sticks from waste Flowers CSIR- Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow
Website : www.cimap.res.in
2 Dehydration of flowers & foliage technologies Artistic greeting cards, wall plates, landscapes, three dimensional interior decorative items, etc. CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow
Website: www.nbri.res.in
3 Eco-friendly dyeing and antibacterial finishing of soya bean protein fabric using waste flowers from temples Natural dye Department of Fibres and Textile Processing Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga (E), Mumbai-400019, India
mdt9pub@gmail.com ; javed_uict@yahoo.co.in
4 Production of Vermicompost from Temple Waste Vermicomposting of temple waste is an excellent and ecofriendly method of temple waste management. Department of Microbiology, K. W. College, Sangli, Maharashtra and Department of Biotechnology, Fergusson College, Maharashtra
5 Utilization of temple waste flower for dyeing of Cotton, Wool and Silk on industrial scale
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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