Chemo Autotrophic Activated Carbon Oxidation (CAACO) for Treatment of Wastewater

Industrial wastewaters contain suspended, colloidal and dissolved (mineral and organic) solids. In addition, they are either excessively acidic or alkaline in nature and they may contain high or low concentrations of chromophoretic compounds. These wastes may contain inert, organic or toxic materials and possibly pathogenic bacteria. These wastes may be discharged into the sewer system provided they have no adverse effect on treatment efficiency or undesirable effects on the sewer system.

Thus it is necessary to pre-treat the wastes prior to release to the municipal system or it is necessary to a fully treatment when the wastes will be discharged directly to surface or ground waters. Industrial wastewaters are effluents that result from human activities which are associated with raw-material processing and manufacturing. It is observed that chemo autotrophic activated carbon oxidation technology provides give satisfactory results.

Brief Profile of the Technology

The wastewater treatment aims mainly at the removal of contaminants like suspended solids, biodegradable organic matter, pathogens, nutrients, refractory solids, heavy metals, dissolved inorganic solids etc. CAACO technology removes dissolved organics from wastewater without generation of sludge and with low input electrical energy. In this technology, both biological and catalytic systems are integrated to oxidize organics present in wastewater at ambient environmental conditions.

The biological oxidation of organics is performed by immobilized bacteria in functionalised mesoporous activated carbon and catalytic oxidation is performed actively by electron rich activated carbon matrix. CAACO technology has been implemented for the treatment of wastewater discharged from domestic and industrial sectors such as leather, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food etc.

Fast Facts
  • The technology has been implemented in more than 80 installations with a capacity ranging from a volume of 10 m3/day to 2500 m3/day in India and abroad.
  • IPR Status: Patented in India
Technology Provider

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