What is the role of the district officials in Technology Facilitation?
IDOs would perform as front end vehicles to disseminate the mandate and role of Technology Facilitation Centre in their respective districts/places of activity. They would brief the rural stakeholders on the usefulness of technology, give them some overview about the availability of some of the major technologies and also assist them to fill up the questionnaire for communication with the TFC hub. They would also attempt to understand the problems faced by the rural folk and communicate the same to the TFC Hub through the respective DICs. On a whole therefore, the IDOs would facilitate penetration and adoption of technology in the villages and clusters.

Who would be the targeted beneficiaries in the Technology Facilitation programme?
The targeted beneficiaries of the technology facilitation programme would be the rural entrepreneurs, cluster artisans, farmers etc. Small enterprises, village associations and institutions, common facility centres and other government/semi-government establishments set up to energize clusters would also be benefited from the programme.

How does one communicate with the Technology Facilitation Centre?
Communication can be through person or through letter or Internet. Prospective stakeholders can approach their nearest District Industries Centre that will be equipped with information and also have the infrastructure such as Internet and computers. The officials of the district industries centres and the industry development officers would assist the entrepreneurs to compile and document their problems and pass on the same to the TFC.
Occasional interactive sessions would also be organized by the TFC to understand problems. And finally, the entrepreneurs can also approach the TFC at Kolkata.

Does the Technology Facilitation Centre provide funds for technology development and/or adoption?
No. The TFC is an information dissemination platform. For securing funds, the entrepreneur has to apply separately to various government and non-government sources. TFC may help them to generate the applications and also provide information required to apply for such grants.

What is the link between the districts and the Technology Facilitation Centre?
The link between TFC and the districts is through the District Industries Centres. The TFC would also produce district status papers that would be regularly updated.

How would the Technology Facilitation Centre address the issue of the stakeholders in the districts?
Issues would be addressed through consultation and networking with the prospective solution providers. Once it is ascertained that the issue of the stakeholders is actually that of technology, the TFC would try to source the solution from the network of CSIR laboratories. It would also organize and facilitate training for stakeholders. Once the appropriate technology is identified, TFC would put the entrepreneur/cluster in touch with the technology provider directly so that their problems can be solved.