Bikna Cluster, Bankura
Dokra was traditionally used to refer to a group of nomadic tribes from central India who had the unique skill to craft artistic metal products. The art seems to have originated from Bastar in the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh and has spread to regions as far as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand. Dokra has progressively evolved as a rural craft of Bengal over the past 150 years and is currently restricted to Bikna in Bankura district and Daryapur in Burdwan district.

Daryapur Cluster, Bardhaman

  • Lack of healthy environment – e.g. sanitation, high SPM
  • Large scale drudgery
  • Need for workplace – living place segregation
  • Gas fired kiln will not work
  • Alternative to the use of pitch


  • Environmental pollution from furnaces high
  • Furnace size and design not suitable
  • Kiln that requires lesser coal


  • Advanced furnace technology from CSIR-NML being provided to the Cluster through KVIB
  • Funding through KVIB

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