TFC for Rural Crafts Hub

Handicrafts constitute a verdant sector in the economic landscape of India. Unique products manufactured through traditional practices typify the sector. Bengal in particular has a rich heritage of handicrafts that range from stich works to dolls and tapestry. The craft sector of Bengal is estimated to provide livelihood for over half a million people, with particular involvement of the women and weaker sections.

Governmental initiatives with support from international agencies such as UNESCO have identified ten rural crafts across the state. The initiative is aimed at capacity building of the artists apart from providing direct marketing linkages and access to institutional mechanisms for enhancing their sustainability and competitiveness.

Technology is often regarded as a determining factor in competitiveness. However, when it comes to the craft clusters it needs to be exercised with caution so as to ensure that technological intervention does not obliterate the traditional and/or community knowledgebase.

The Technology Facilitation Centre has begun a proactive process of promoting a sustainable technology intervention in Bengal’s craft clusters. Systematic need assessment for each cluster is carried out followed by mapping of technologies available within CSIR and other knowledge institutions.

Technological Needs of Crafts Hub


Wooden Masks

Clay Dolls

Wooden Dolls



Chau Masks