Clay Dolls

Ghurni Cluster, Nadia
Ghurni in Krishnanagar is known for its 250 year tradition in making clay dolls. Located in the fertile river basin of Hooghly and Jalangi, the region has a particular geographical advantage to nurture this trade and practice. The clay dolls find market both in India and abroad, with the unique products spanning human figures, animal forms and other forms of art. Most of the Krishnanagar dolls are collectors’ items and bear signature of the inherent skills of the artists developed through decades of community practice and traditional knowledge.

There are presently more than 1000 craft artisans of which close to 300 are included in the Rural Craft Hub.
  • Availability of soil of right quality
  • Breakage of finished products
  • Inadequate market linkage
  • Lack of access to energy efficient technologies
  • Lack of testing facility for soil


  • Cracking of idols
  • Use of traditional furnaces
  • Depletion of clay source -- new soil substitutes required
  • Chemical substitute for paints


  • Technology orientation workshop envisaged soon
  • Details of need analysis is underway

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