About MSME Technology Facilitation Centre

Background :

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in the country's economic scenario. It contributes 8% of national GDP; about 45% of the manufacturing output and 40% of exports of India. Recognized as drivers for economic and social development, the MSMEs occupy a key niche for the country's goal of achieving growth with equity and inclusion. Knowledge / information and access to appropriate technology is one of the biggest challenges that the MSME sector faces. As a result of this many industries in the state have closed down or are operating at highly reduced profit margins. Many of them are facing closure threat for being non-compliant with new environmental and labour regulations. Use of obsolete technology as also not switching from traditional to proper technology is not a factor of fiscal exigency only. Many such closing or non-profit making can turn around with use of appropriate technology that is affordable. Even micro and village industries suffer from this problem. On the other side, technology producers or innovators are not getting enough opportunity to commercialise their technologies. In order to address this situation MSME&T Department proposes to set up a Technology facilitation Centre at Kolkata in collaboration with CSIR.